Advanced Topics in Microeconomics


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Teaching results:
Students learn key methods and theories of microeconomics and are provided with the tools and concepts needed to understand current state of research in microeconomic theory. After having finished the course, students will be able to understand scientific papers and the methodologies representing the research frontier of microeconomic theory. The aim of the course is to familiarize students with standard microeconomic theory and based on the acquired theoretical knowledge to develop students' analytical skills so that they are able to analyze real microeconomic problems, identify their causes and solutions. The course is focused at presenting standard microeconomic theory, enabling students to critically examine existing theory and construct alternatives. Also, it aims to prepare students for conducting an independent research. The topics discussed are not presented solely from the technical and theoretical perspectives, but applications, open questions and existing debates are also studied. The ways to choose among those, to construct theories and to develop theoretical arguments will be also discussed. The topics covered may vary from year to year so as a wide range of topics was surveyed, but at the same time, sufficient analytical depth was ensured.

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Indicative content:
Preferences, choice and demand. Production. Partial equilibrium. Expected utility. Static games. Dynamic games and beliefs. Market power and product differentiation. Adverse selection, signaling and screening. Principal agent problems. General equilibrium. Welfare. Social choice and aggregation.

Odporúčaná literatúra

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Note: The list of readings will be updated annually based on the updates in the syllabus.

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Requirements to complete the course:
260 hours of work
40% - two research papers
10% - active contribution to discussions in class
50% - written exam

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Dátum schválenia: 13.02.2023

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