Heterodoxná ekonómia (v anglickom jazyku)


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Výsledky vzdelávania

Teaching results:
Understanding the concepts of social and institutional theories outside the mainstream, knowledge of which is completed by knowledge of economic theories.
Knowledge and understanding: - students will acquire knowledge in the field of the most important economic theories belonging to the heterodox economy.
Practical skills: - the acquired knowledge will also be applied to current economic problems of the present. During the seminars, students will also improve their presentation skills.
Competences: successful completion of the course will enable students to orient themselves in a wide range of existing economic theories.

Stručná osnova predmetu

Indicative content:
Theoretical currents outside the mainstream of economic thought: historical school, Marxism, social teaching of the Catholic Church, French economic structuralism, institutional economics, sociological-historical growth theories, radical political economy, neoinstitutional economics, social and economic societies, contractual societies problems, regulatory theory, new institutional

Odporúčaná literatúra

Support literature:
Basic literature:
1. Drucker, P.: Post-Capitalist Society. HarperCollins, 2009.
2. Etzioni, A.: The Moral Dimension: Toward a New Economics. Free Press, 1990.
Additional literature:
1. Ray: Club of Rome up to Date. In: Ekonomický časopis, 10-11/1991. ISSN 013-3035.
2. Sen, A. On Ethics & Economis. Oxford, 1999.
3. Toffler, A., Toffler, H. Creation a New Civilization: The politics of the Third Wave. turner Publishing, 1995.

Podmienky na absolvovanie predmetu

Requirements to complete the course:
individual work, written exam
Activity at the seminar 10 %
Seminar thesis and its presentation 30 %
Result of the final written exam 60 %

Dátum schválenia: 13.02.2023

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Dátum schválenia: 13.02.2023

Dátum poslednej zmeny: 08.04.2021