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Výsledky vzdelávania

Teaching results:
The aim of this course is to acquire basic knowledge about the functioning of the economy in various economic systems. The focus of the study lies in understanding the basic principles of economics and assumptions of the market and the market mechanism in the economy. Based on the analysis of factors determining demand and supply, to understand the decision-making of particular market entities. This will allow students to understand how market equilibrium and equilibrium price is created in the market and how and why imbalances arise. On the basis of theoretical knowledge, students will understand how economic entities behave in conditions of perfect competition and imperfect competition.
After studying and understanding the content of this course, students will be able to systematize the basic knowledge of microeconomic theory in relation to other subjects in the field of business economics, insurance and banking. They will obtain the ability to understand the basic microeconomic phenomena and processes of a market economy.
- In this course, students will learn the basic categorical apparatus and understand the relationship between individual economic phenomena and processes of market economy.
- During the seminars, students will gain basic knowledge in the field of teamwork and learn the basics of critical thinking.
- The student will acquire competencies in the field of analysis and comparison of the functioning of basic economic systems.

Stručná osnova predmetu

Indicative content:
Subject and methodology of economics. Development of economic thoughts. Economic laws, types of economies. A triad of economic problems. Market and market mechanism, demand, supply, equilibrium price. Elasticity of demand and supply. Decision-making of market subjects in perfect and imperfect competition. Production factors market, income distribution and quality of life.

Odporúčaná literatúra

Support literature:
Compulsory literature:
1. Parkin, M.: Economics. 12th edition. Harlow: Pearson Education, 2016.
2. Mankiw, G.M.: Principles of Economics. 8th edition. Boston: Cengage Learning, 2017.
Suggested reading:
1. Krugman, P. – Wells, R.: Economics. 5th edition, Worth Publishers, 2018.
2. Samuelson, P. – Nordhaus, W.: Economics, 19th edition. McGraw-Hill Education. 2009.

Podmienky na absolvovanie predmetu

Requirements to complete the course:
individual work, written test, written exam
Seminars 40 %, of which:
Activity at the seminar 15 %
Elaboration and presentation of a case study 10 %
Written tests from quantitative and graphic tasks 15 %
Result of the final written exam 60 %

Pracovné zaťaženie študenta

Total student workload: 156 hours. Of which:
Attendance at lectures: 26 hours
Attendance at seminars: 26 hours
Preparation for seminars: 13 hours
Elaboration of a case study in the form of team cooperation: 18 hours
Preparation for written tests of quantitative and graphical tasks: 21 hours
Preparation for the exam: 52 hours

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