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Teaching results:
The aim of the course is to provide basic theoretical knowledge of environmental economics, environmental policy of Slovakia and their economic instruments. Knowledge of key legislative and regulatory developments in EU environmental policy. Knowledge of how regulations are adopted, estimating the effectiveness of benefits, costs and economic impact of environmental legislation.

Environmental economics is focused on the education of professionals who are able to solve economic and managerial problems with regard to environmental protection. Graduates are able to analyze the problems and possibilities of economic development, which will not only ensure the optimal use of resources of current generations, but will not endanger the possibilities of using resources for future generations. At the level of theoretical knowledge, graduates will understand the essential facts, concepts, principles and theories of management and environmental economics.

Ability to critically assess global environmental issues.
Ability to analyze the economic efficiency of selected environmental measures.
Ability to classify weak and strong sustainability.
Ability to choose the appropriate economic instrument for environmental policy.

Economically justify the need for environmental protection measures in the organization.
Select the optimal variants of the proposed solutions.
Apply an environmental cost management system.
To be able to orientate oneself in economic instruments of Slovak and European environmental policy
Presentation of knowledge from the field of environmental economics.
Team work with emphasis on current issues in the field of environmental economics.

Stručná osnova predmetu

• Natural resources, material basis society
• Economic reproduction process
• Valuation of natural and environmental resources
• Economic growth and the environment
• Evaluation of the efficiency of environmental projects
• Application of economic instruments
• Social – economic causes of qualification environment
• Economic damage due to environmental pollution
• Cost - benefit analysis of legislative measures

Odporúčaná literatúra

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Sylabus predmetu

• Renewable natural resources, reproduction • Non-renewable natural resources, efficient allocation • Basic methods of valuing market goods and nature services • Natural resources and circular economy • Boundaries of growth • Theory of sustainable development • Environment as a system, components, interaction • Forms and tools of environmental policy • Cost-effectiveness analysis

Podmienky na absolvovanie predmetu

30% - active participation in colloquia, presentation of a selected topic
30% - research study
40% - final exam

Pracovné zaťaženie študenta

Student’s workload (in hours): 260 hours (10 ECTS x 26 hours)
Participation in colloquia: 16 hours
Preparation for colloquia: 44 hours
Elaboration of a research study: 100 hours
Preparation for the final exam: 100 hours

Jazyk, ktorého znalosť je potrebná na absolvovanie predmetu

English language

Dátum schválenia: 20.12.2022

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Dátum schválenia: 20.12.2022

Dátum poslednej zmeny: 20.12.2022