Scientific work and research


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Výsledky vzdelávania

The aim of the course is to provide students with knowledge and the most important information about science, methodology of science and scientific work, as well as the formulation of research problems. Acquire practical skills, procedures for the implementation of research project, analysis and data synthesis. Acquire knowledge of rhetoric and presentation of the results of scientific work.

• about the paradigms of science,
• on the specifics of the functioning of science and research
• the principles and principles of publishing,
• on methods and techniques of scientific work

• work with knowledge of significant scientific works and research
• evaluate data with research activity,
• independently research and draw conclusions,
• formulate scientific knowledge,
• discuss and argue about knowledge of science and research.

• be familiar with global scientific databases,
• interpret the results of analyzes,
• deal with the methodological apparatus,
• communicate in scientific language.

Stručná osnova predmetu

1. Fundamentals of science
2. Scientific research
3. The Importance of Literature Review in Scientific Research Writing
4. Writing the scientific paper
5. Scientific communication - development and current trends.
6. Rhetoric
5. Research methods and thought processes.
6. Ethics publishing

Odporúčaná literatúra

1. SAUNDERS, M. –LEWIS, P. – THORNHILL, A. 2019. Research methods for business students. Eight edition. Harlow: Pearson, 2019. ISBN 9781292208787.
2. BRIAN, T. 2008. Towards an Analytical Framework of Science Communication Models. Communicating Science in Social Contexts. Springer, Dordrecht.
3. DOUGHERTY M. V., 2019. “The Pernicious Effects of Compression Plagiarism on Scholarly Argumentation,” Argumentation (2019).
4. WILSON, E. Bright. An Introduction to Scientific Research. Kindle Edition. Dover Publications, Inc.; 1st edition, 2003. 479 s. ISBN 978-0486665450.

Sylabus predmetu

• The concept of science, three rules of science, the scientific method. • What is Scientific Research and How Can it be Done? Classification of Scientific Research. How to Conduct Scientific Research? Specific features and components of current science and research. • How to Conduct Literature Surveys Using Multidisciplinary Databases. How To write a good scientific literature review. • How to write the paper in the properly. • The importance of scientific communication • Principles of scientific communication. The art and science of effective communication. • The art of the figures of speech, the ability to use language effectively. • Defining research method. The types of research methods. Process Research Methods and Their Application. • Publication ethics meaning, Ethics definition. Respect for the rights of human subjects in research.

Podmienky na absolvovanie predmetu

project, exam
• elaboration and presentation of the project - 15%
• consultation activity - 25%
• final oral exam - 60%

Pracovné zaťaženie študenta

Total study load (in hours): 260 hours
• participation in consultations - 16 hours
• preparation for active forms of learning - 56 hours
• project elaboration - 80 hours
• preparation for the oral exam - 108 hours

Jazyk, ktorého znalosť je potrebná na absolvovanie predmetu

English language

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Dátum schválenia: 20.12.2022

Dátum poslednej zmeny: 20.12.2022