Competitiveness and performance management


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Výsledky vzdelávania

The aim of the course is to present the issue of functioning of organizations in terms of their competitiveness and performance in all four main management functions.
Students will develop skills related to the function of a manager according to the requirements of today's competitive environment. Based on global surveys in the field of performance measurement, they are able to select management tools that contribute to performance growth.

• on paradigms in management,
• on the principles of operation of organizations,
• on management methods and techniques leading to growth in performance and competitiveness.
• identify and evaluate data related to the management of companies at home and abroad
• perform strategic analysis,
• the ability to compare the examined companies with the competition,
• apply management methods in solving business problems of performance and competitiveness,
• discuss business problems and their possible solutions.
• orientate oneself in global management trends,
• interpret the results of analyzes and prepare documents for managerial decisions,
• apply managerial methods in the management of the organization.

Stručná osnova predmetu

• Megatrends of business operation 2030
• Management paradigms
• Theories of competitiveness management
• Quantitative evaluation of the company's competitiveness
• New approaches to evaluating business performance
• Current processes of managerial decision-making
• Crisis management of the company in terms of vulnerability, complexity and improbability of development.

Odporúčaná literatúra

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Sylabus predmetu

• Business and managerial reasons for changes in the functioning of companies • New requirements for companies in relation to paradigms • Competition, competitive advantage, competitiveness of the company, factors of competitiveness, evaluation of competitiveness • Company performance, performance factors, ways to increase performance • Process and theories of decision-making, creative decision-making techniques, brain and decision-making: use of knowledge of neuroeconomics and neuroscience in management • Crisis in business, analysis of crisis development, strategies for identifying the root cause, determining the procedure of crisis management, managing and ending the crisis.

Podmienky na absolvovanie predmetu

project, exam
• elaboration and presentation of the project - 15%
• consultation activity - 25%
• final oral exam - 60%

Pracovné zaťaženie študenta

Total study load (in hours): 260 hours
• participation in consultations - 16 hours
• preparation for active forms of learning - 56 hours
• project elaboration - 80 hours
• preparation for the oral exam - 108 hours

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Dátum schválenia: 20.12.2022

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