Creation of Development Programs


Included in study programs

Teaching results

By completing the course, the student will gain:
- Knowledge of creating development programs
- Partial knowledge of implementation and evaluation of development programs
- Skills in team work and present the results of team work
- Ability to evaluate alternative priorities in preparation of the program
- Ability to propose specific solutions to problems in a given area of public policy

Indicative content

Indicative content:
Students will get acquainted with the whole process of creating a development program. The first part will focus on the analytical part of the selected area which is the subject of support. Another topic will be setting priorities, links between priorities and the analytical part, the link between priorities and measures. The third block will be the financing and institutional setting of the program (the question of budget, co-financing or eligible expenditure). The fourth block will be devoted to the time frame and process implementation issues in creating the program. The last block will be devoted to the interconnection of programs and projects in the form of specific calls.
Emphasis will be placed on the ability to participate in the creation of a development program, but part of the course will be devoted to the basic aspects of implementation and evaluation of programs that affect the actual creation of programs. Students will also get acquainted with current programs implemented in selected public policies.
Course topics:
- What are development programs, differences between program and project, differences between programs and other forms of support
- Program cycle of policy and programs - creation, implementation, evaluation, creation
- Analysis of the problem area - the basic basis for creating the program
- Methods and techniques of the analytical part of the programs
- Identification of priorities for the program, hierarchy of objectives, priorities and measures of the programs
- Defining the basic parameters of the programs - target group, target area, eligible applicants
- Financial aspects of programming - budget, co-financing, eligible costs
- Risk analysis of programs
- Program implementation management
- Management of control and monitoring of programs
- Evaluation of programs
- Examples of programs, functioning of support programs in the Slovak Republic

Support literature

ŠIPIKAL, M.. Tvorba projektov a programov : (tvorba a implementácia neinvestičných projektov Európskej únie) : učebné texty. Bratislava : Vydavateľstvo EKONÓM, 2010
Howlett, M. (2019). Designing public policies: Principles and instruments. Routledge. program information and methodological issues of program creation and implmentation

Requirements to complete the course

100% - submission of a semester project - creation of own development program, while 40% of this evaluation is obtained by the student during the semester by continuous submission and presentation of partial outputs of the project

Student workload

Total 156 hours, participation in seminars 52 hours, preparation for seminars 13 hours, elaboration project during of the semester 39 h, preparation of the final version of the project 52 h)

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