Competition Policy


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Through this course, the student will understand the importance of efficient competition and deepen knowledge from other microeconomic subjects about markets and firm behaviour in different market structures. By graduating, the student can determine the relevant market, and she/he understands the implications of market power in efficient competition failures, e.g., horizontal and vertical collisions or different types of dominant position abuses.
The theoretical knowledge about different forms of inefficient competition further deepens on seminars through seminar works on specific case studies from the European and Slovak environments. Through seminar works, the student will learn how to work with professional literature from the European Commission and Antimonopoly Office of SR. Seminar works are done in groups and professionally presented. Through presentations of seminar works, students will gain presentation skills and communication skills and teamwork skills.

Indicative content

1. History of competition policy
2. Effective competition
3. Basic oligopoly models and model of monopolist competition
4. Market power and evaluation of market power
5. Determination of market
6. Cartels and collusions
7. Horizontal agreements
8. Vertical agreements
9. Abuse of dominant market position
10. Specific practices of market power abuse
11. Horizontal mergers
12. Other mergers

Support literature

Motta, Massimo. Competition policy: theory and practice. Cambridge University Press, 2004.
Bishop, Simon, and Mike Walker. "The economics of EC competition law: concepts, application and measurement." (2010).

Requirements to complete the course

Evaluation during the semester and homework 40 %
Final exam 60 %

Student workload

Total study load 156 hours
Lectures 26 hours
Seminars 26 hours
Preparing for seminars and seminar homework 26 hours
Preparing for evaluations during the semester 26 hours
Final exam preparation 52 hours

Language whose command is required to complete the course


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