Business Spanish for Intermediate Students II.


Included in study programs

Teaching results

Language knowledge: mastering the basic principles of professional language.
Language skills: the student is able to use receptive and productive language skills at the required level and is able to create a clear comprehensible text on professional topics, he/she understands the main ideas in a clear standard speech, understands texts, is able to react in various situations which are typical for private and professional life.
Language competencies: effective use of acquired language skills which are necessary for student’s successful application in practice and for social, academic or professional purposes.

Indicative content

1. Workplace relations, work team
2. Corporate culture
3. Work meeting
4. Preparing a business trip (transport, accommodation, meals)
5. Business trip
6. Company presentation
7. Product presentation
8. Negotiations with partners
9. Conclusion of a business contract
10. Withdrawal from a contract
11. Complaint and claim
12. Organizing a congress / a trade fair

Support literature

Spišiaková, M., Varela Cano, D.P., Tužinská, S. Pavliková, Ž. Španielsky jazyk pre ekonómov, diplomatov a mediátorov 1. Tribun EU s.r.o, 2020
Prada de, M., Marcé, P. Entorno laboral. Edelsa 2017
Kol.autorov Lingea, Lexicon 7 Španielsky ekonomický slovník. ISBN: 978-80-7508-576-4
Current study materials from magazines, newspapers, and the Internet.

Requirements to complete the course

20 % activity at seminars
10 % presentation of a project
70 % the result of a written and oral exam

Student workload

26h participation in the seminars
26h preparation for the seminars
26h preparation for the exam

Language whose command is required to complete the course


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