CJ 2 - Odborný anglický jazyk pre stredne pokročilých II. (10)


Included in study programs

Teaching results

Language knowledge: to know the basic principles of professional language.
Language skills: the student is able to use receptive and productive language skills at the required level, is able to create a clear comprehensible text on professional topics, he/she understands the main ideas in a clear standard speech, understands texts, is able to react in various situations which are typical for the private and professional life.
Language competencies: to use effectively acquired language skills, which are necessary for the successful student´s application in practice and for social, academic or professional purposes

Indicative content

• Stress in the workplace, negotiations, e-business
• Presenting data and numbers, numerals
• Non-committal social conversation, team building, collaboration
• Welcoming guests, innovation, young entrepreneurs
• Ecology, feedback, working abroad

Support literature

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Requirements to complete the course

Activity at seminars – 20 %
Assessment of homework -10 %
Results of a final written test and oral exam – 70 %

Student workload

78h (participation in seminars 26 h, preparation for seminars 26 h, preparation for the exam 26 h)

Language whose command is required to complete the course


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